Game Jam 2018

Registration is CLOSED!
(it closed Thursday April 12)

You will receive a confirmation e-mail by Sunday April 15th 11:59pm

If you're not sure we received your registration, check your e-mail for a registration confirmation or check this list to see if you're in our database.

We've received ~650 registrations. 13 years ago I was young, naive and HOLY COW 650 REGISTRATIONS OMG!!! Thanks once again for the ongoing enthusiasm and support. Unlike previous years we should have room for everybody! Having said that, we need to ensure there are enough GB computers for people that wanted them, and matching our floater supply with floater demand.

If you have any questions, please contact alex@tojam.ca or tweet @torontogamejam.

TOJam 13 starts Friday May 4 @ 10:00am
   - arrive anytime between 10:00am and 6:00pm
   - speech @ 7:30pm
TOJam 13 ends Sunday May 6 @ 10:00pm
   - celebration starts @ 7:30pm - THIS IS THE BEST PART!

Open 24 hours a day. See schedule for full details.
Somehow still totally FREE!

If we're not able to confirm everyone,
remember that TOJam is not first come first served.
We take several criteria into account (in this order):
1. Were you turned away last year?
2. Are you travelling from out of town (tickets/vacation booked)?
3. Are you a TOJam veteran?
4. Do you help the ratio (1/3 pros, 1/3 hobbyists, 1/3 students)?
5. Are you part of a confirmed team that can't attend without you?
6. When did you register?
With floaters, we also need to match supply with demand.