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We're looking for coders, beginners, artists, kids, musicians, crafters, designers... YOU! Attend solo, with a team, or somehow otherwise! If you're an artist or musician without a team, consider attending as a floater. Worried you don't have the skillz? YOU HAVE THE SKILLZ! Use ScratchTwineTexture or GameMaker - they're FUN! You can do it, I believe in you.

The goal is to FINISH a good, small, game in 3 days.

TOJam IS NOT a competition, conference, or learning opportunity.
The crazy deadline is all the competition you need.

TOJam IS all about harnessing your existing knowledge to produce the best game possible. The deadline, combined with the talents of everyone attending, produces results. We consider the jam a kick-start, and want everyone to continue polishing their diamonds in the rough.


TOJam provides the motivation, you provide the Magic.

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What Do I Bring?
What We Provide
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